I’ve spent my whole career so far in studying and practicing marketing. I started at a classic advertising agency where I studied copywriting and got a good training into branding, working for clients like Diageo.

However, a self starter and a geek, at 26 I joined two friends in their gaming startup as a partner and marketer. This was a bootcamp for entrepreneurship, startups, managing people and studying the software development process.

Oh well we failed fairly miserably, but this opened new opportunities. For a brief period we ran a small tech outsourcing studio with the same team and delivered web and mobile applications to clients in Europe and the US.

In 2017 the seed funding for our gaming startup was drying up and I started exploring options to raise new capital. Someone mentioned ICOs and that’s how I got into crypto. We didn’t do an ICO, but in late 2017 I was deep down the rabbit hole and in early 2018 I did a few ICO marketing gigs and for several months I ran a small ICO marketing team. Then it all crashed.

In 2019 I joined my current company Ambire (former AdEx Network). Eversince I’ve been living and breathing Web3 all the time. I got proficient in Ethereum, learned to read smart contracts and speak the CT language and rode the 2020 DeFi wave all the way.

While being Ethereum-native, I firmly believe into the multi-chain future of crypto and try to stay on top of innovation in the space - particularly interested in DeFi, L2s, the Metaverse and NFTs.

In 2021 I created a local Bulgarian NFT Discord server (with future plans for an investment DAO) and became a seed investor in EnterDAO.

I am currently a marketing lead in the awesome marketing team of Ambire, taking care of the communication and marketing activities of Ambire with our main focus the Ambire Wallet. I believe that I deeply understand and practice strategy, content planning and creation, Web3 community building, PPC, email and Analytics.



Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

MA Strategic Management 2019 - 2020

Bachelor in Business (German Programme) 2012

At Sofia Univeristy I studied business, marketing, statistics and accounting at the faculty of business administration. I was enrolled in Sofia University's judo team and competed for the team several years.

First English Language School, Sofia




Marketing and Communications February 2019 - Present

Online Marketing and Sales, Communications and PR

In February 2019 I joined Ambire, one of the leading Bulgarian startups in the blockchain space. Ambire needed someone experienced in marketing and communications to fuel up the marketing team of the company, so I felt it was a good opportunity to dive deeper in the Ethereum startups ecosystem.

    My duties at Ambire include:
  • • Creating and executing full marketing strategies for Ambire, including PR, digital advertising, email marketing and social media
  • • Writing texts for press and the blog of Ambire
  • • Identifying marketing opportunities, new angles for communication or projects and persons to partner with
  • • Attending developer conferences
  • • Managing people and budgets

ICO Brains

Co-founder, Marketing July 2018 - January 2019

Online Marketing and Sales, Client Acquisition, Project Management, Company Management

In early 2018 and later I co-founded the small crypto consulting company ICO Brains. We decided to offer social media, advertising and PR services, technical solutions, branding and strategic advisory for crypto projects.

    My duties at ICO Brains included:
  • • Managing the company
  • • Managing team of 4 people, daily
  • • Creating full marketing strategies for ICO campaigns, including community building, PR, digital advertising, email marketing, influencer marketing and social media
  • • Planning and executing social media content creation and promotion, including crafting creatives and buying and monitoring ads
  • • B2B Sales of the company's services


Co-founder, Marketing and Business January 2017 - Present

Online Marketing and Sales, Client Acquisition, Project Management, Company Management

In 2017 together with my Victus Game partners we founded the software development company SolvedOut - an outsourcing software development collective focusing on the needs of smaller clients and companies.

    My duties at SolvedOut included:
  • • Managing the company together with my partners
  • • Software development project management
  • • Sales and client management
  • • Analyzing trends and identifying market opportunities
  • • Product management - refining our clients' product ideas to fit their customer's needs

Victus Game: Rewrite History

Partner, Marketing January 2016 - December 2017

Online Marketing and Sales, User Acquisition, Community Management, Project Management, Company Management

    In 2016 I founded a small gaming startup together with two of my friends. We got a small seed funding and tried to create a browser game.

    What I did at Victus:
  • • Managing the company together with my partners
  • • Managing the team of 4 people, daily
  • • Creating customer acquisition strategies for the company, including sales funnels, SEO, Google and Facebook ads, inbound marketing and lead generation.
  • • Taking care of all the communication, PR, social media, pres and campaigns

All Channels Communication Group

Copywriter/Creative Consultant and Strategist April 2014 - May 2015

Creative Direction, Copywriting, Creative Consulting

Archer Ideas Sofia (Former Leo Burnett Bulgaria)

Copywriter/Social Media Specialist April 2011 - December 2013

Creative Direction, Copywriting, Creative Consulting, Social Media Management and Creative


  • Marketing Strategy and community building
  • Social Media, Adwords, FB Ads, SEO, Mail
  • Graphic editing software + Design
  • Ecosystems, Ethereum Community, Crypto Twitter
  • Reading and Understanding Smart Contracts
  • Pythonm, CSS + HTML5

My free time superpowers

When I'm not deep down the web3 rabbit hole I spend most of my time reading books, practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(blue belt) or cooking. I speak English and German.